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Increase plant growth by fixing the fungal to bacteria ratio in your soil.

For most container gardening, the optimal fungal to bacteria (F:B) ratio for a highly productive gardening soil is around 1:1 (50% fungal). However, most container soils are extremely bacterial dominant, with an F:B of 0:1 to 0.2:1 (15% fungal or less). After applying BioVast Compost, the fertility and productivity of your garden will increase as the fungal activity in your soil increases.

Forest Succesion

“The Sweet Spot” F:B Ratio

Compost shouldn’t be black. It should be the color of a 70% cocoa chocolate bar.

Types of Composts

BioVast Compost:

Adds Diverse Fungal-Dominant Biology

Restores Soil Health

Improves Plant Performance

“in the top 1-2% of fungal dominant composts”

Matthew Slaughter
President and Founder
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