An Ideal Living Soil Blend for serious notil lor raised bed garden growers
BioVast Living Soil
BioVast Living Soil
BioVast Living Soil
BioVast Living Soil
SD Microbes

BioVast Living Soil

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SD Microbes BioVast Living Soil – a labor of love meticulously crafted in small 25-yard batches. Our Coco and Vermicompost based, Peat and Perlite-free Living Soil blend has been expertly designed to unlock the boundless potential of your vegetable and hemp crops, fostering robust growth and unparalleled plant vitality.

Each 25-yard batch undergoes rigorous testing, starting with Logan Labs soil and saturated paste test, followed by Albrecht Mineral Balancing. These meticulous steps lay the foundation for optimal plant nutrition. Not only are essential macronutrients present (N-P-K), but the often-overlooked micronutrients are also made readily available in the soil. It's in this rich soil that the essence of taste and nutrient density is born, enriching your foods and medicines.

What sets BioVast Living Soil apart is its commitment to sustainability. In lieu of perlite, we've incorporated Pumice and Organic Rice Hulls into our blend. This eco-conscious choice not only reduces the environmental impact but also offers an additional benefit: rice hulls break down into silica in the soil, providing a natural source of this essential element for your plants. Silica is known to strengthen cell walls, enhance resistance to stress, and improve overall plant health.

What's more is even though this is a water only soil, the low soluble salts in BioVast Living Soil enable you to feed your preferred organic nutrients. This flexibility empowers you to tailor your plant's diet to your exact specifications, ensuring they receive the nourishment they deserve.


Whether you're a devoted vegetable gardener or a seasoned hemp cultivator, BioVast Living Soil stands as your trusted partner in achieving extraordinary results. Elevate your crops to their fullest potential with SD Microbes BioVast Living Soil.

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Passes California Standards for Heavy Metals Testing

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