PESTAPALOOZA STARRING Matthew Gates and Jordan River (SAN DIEGO)



Starring Matthew Gates and Jordan River:

All participants will be entered for a chance to WIN a:

(1st Place :) 30 gallon Grass roots pot/ 3 bags of BioVast Living Soil , and 2 gallons of BioVast Vermicompost

(2nd and 3rd place) 2 Gallon BioVast Vermicompost each.


-The most IN DEPTH pest class you can find

-Employ high leverage pest control strategies to avoid crop loss

-Identify beneficial insecst and harmful pests with ease

-Understand the nuances of pest biology to better know thy enemy

-Insects, pathogens, and viroids explained comprehensively

-Certificate of completion provided to students

-EVERYTHING you need to know to survive the impending pest onslaught!


Instructor Matthew Gates is world renowned IPM specialist with over 12 years of pest management experience in a wide variety of agricultural systems. For the PESTAPALOOZA course, Matthew has compiled the most comprehensive and high leverage pest identification and elimination strategies- so you can deepen your understanding of your gardens worst enemies, and avoid total crop loss!


Class begins at 1pm and goes til 4pm including a long form QnA, and followed by a fully catered afterparty.

Each ticket also comes with a PESTAPALOOZA gift bag loaded with SWAG and prizes...

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