Fermented Plant Juice (Purslane) FPJ
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Fermented Plant Juice (Purslane) FPJ

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Fermented plant juice (FPJ) is a fermented extract of the Plant Juice and Chlorophylls. Brown sugar is used to extract the essence through osmotic pressure. Therefore, FPJ is a rich enzyme solution full of these bacteria for invigorating plants and animals.

Application rate =

~Use FPJ with just water alone at a rate of 8 ml per gallon of water as a foliar or soil drench applied weekly. 

Natural Farming recommendation=

During Veg use FPJ 8 ml along with BrewKashi 4 ml, and FAA 4 ml  per gallon of water.

Storage recommendations =

Our FPJ is supersaturated with Brown Sugar and is shelf stable. However it is best stored in the refrigerator to keep overactive. No need to shake the bottle.