Fermented Plant Juice (Beet Root) FPJ
SD Microbes

Fermented Plant Juice (Beet Root) FPJ

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SD Microbes Seasonal FPJ is a collaboration between SD Microbes and Jared's Real Food in San Diego California. Jared's Real food is a local no till market garden and csa share. We have partnered with Jareds Farm to supply us with plant materials harvested according to Korean Natural Farming practices for maximum microbial activity.

Fermented plant juice (FPJ) is a fermented extract of the Plant Juice and Chlorophylls. Brown sugar is used to extract the essence through osmotic pressure. Therefore, FPJ is a rich enzyme solution full of these bacteria for invigorating plants and animals.

Application rate =

~Use FPJ with just water alone at a rate of 8 ml per gallon of water as a foliar or soil drench applied weekly. 

Natural Farming recommendation=

During Veg use FPJ 8 ml along with BrewKashi 4 ml, and FAA 4 ml  per gallon of water.

Storage recommendations =

Our FPJ is supersaturated with Brown Sugar and is shelf stable. However it is best stored in the refrigerator to keep overactive. No need to shake the bottle.