BioVast Compost
1 gallon green bucket of BioVast Compost
BioVast Compost
BioVast Compost
BioVast Compost
BioVast Compost
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BioVast Compost

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BioVast Compost is loaded with a balanced ratio of beneficial biology and helps to promote a healthy and robust soil food web in your soil.

Produced from single sourced, virgin plant based materials, the inputs are farm grown using natural and organic processes. No manures. BioVast Compost is tree based and 100% Vegan Compost!

~ See what the top experts in the industry have to say about the lab results for BioVast Compost!

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BioVast Compost is a fungal dominant compost and will become more fungal the longer it is left undisturbed. The most efficient uses is making a compost extract or compost tea, but BioVast Compost can also be used as a top dressing. 

BioVast Compost Application Rates:  

1/2 Lb per 5 gallons of Water for compost teas.

1 - 2 Cups per 100 gallon container.

~Passes California Standards for HEAVY METALS Click here to view report.

~ Herbicide and Pesticide free 

~ Broad biological diversity

~ Manure Free



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